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Back from holidays in finistère, the maddest yet, mad in ways that I’m unable to share with you unfortunately. The weather was splendid as one says when referring to holiday weather, and the sea, when we reached the beach around 6 pm was a perfectly civilized temperature. We lost nobody to the high waves, perhaps as everyone was suitably weighed down to the solid ground by the copious amount of wonderful local organic produce. We are very lucky, very lucky, very lucky. I have been reading Animal, vegetable, miracle by Barbara Kingsolver a book my friend R gave me for perfect holiday reading, this is highly recommended.
Anyway I will keep this short, plenty to bake, settle the levain (sourdough) back from its own holiday with us, food for the opening of the Landscape show at the Dock in Carrick on Shannon, on friday at 5.30 pm, all welcome they say there, and bread and cakes for saturday morning in the midst of a wonderful jumble sale, all welcome, see you there.
By the way, the garden at Knockvicar is so full of beautiful stuff, what a gift of a season, and open everyday, yes, every day, courgettes, cucumbers, salads, chard, potatoes, beetroots, onions, garlic, and as soon as the sun decides to show its little nose, tomatoes, I’m sure I’m forgetting something, you should have seen the pile of stuff I gathered, you would call me greedy no doubt, but healthy too. Delicious, get there without fail, this is my message to you today.

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  1. I was also given the Barbara Kingsolver book as a present and loved it.
    I’ve added your blog to my blog links.
    I am enjoying discovering your blog and very interesting writing.

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