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I thought I’d share this with you as the actual recipient might not appreciate it to its full value.

annaghmaconway, Monday 20 october 2008
Dear Madam. Dear Sir,
I was in your branch on Tuesday last 14 october and requested to make two euro transfers out of my account. While filling the form I queried the difference between ‘standard’ and ‘express’. The man who was looking after me explained that ‘standard’ cost ‘75 cents or thereabouts’ and took three working days and that ‘express’ cost €25 and would be a same-day service. I chose standard, I’m sure you would have done the same.
On Friday 17 I received at home two printed receipts indicating that I was actually charged €20 euros per transfer, a far cry, you will agree from “75 cents or thereabouts”. This is an unacceptable sum considering the advice I was given while the operation was carried out and also an extravagant sum considering that this is a euro transaction within the eurozone.
I am aware that times are tough in the banking profession, and you may therefore feel justified in collecting money where you can in order to enable to weather the crisis successfully knowing that if you ever go down a lot will go down with you, but dare I remind you of a number of facts :
-the deregulation of financial markets unwittingly favoured by governments in the last few years has benefited your profession more than any other. As I do not own, never have and never will purchase shares or indeed speculate, I do not therefore feel I need to support you more than I already do with the charges that you routinely impose upon my meagre resources.
-The bailing out by governments of a number of your friends or colleagues around the world, is and will be borne by ordinary citizens like myself.
– You have recently closed down a number of branches including my particular one in my nearby town, no doubt realizing considerable savings while a lot of your customers now need to spend more in petrol and in time for the privilege of banking with you.
I would therefore be obliged if you could credit me with the €38.50 or thereabouts that you have mistakenly removed from my account.
regards or thereabouts
mari-aymone djeribi

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