another new year

Here is the new year : best wishes for happiness, excitement, good conversations and challenging actions. A lot was learned last year, some sweet and some bitter lessons, mistakes I may not make again in the exact same way again, some achievements that I mostly could share and that made me smile, when we cease to learn we cease to live. I wish all enough food enough water enough shelter enough warmth, human and otherwise, good bread and food made or grown by you or someone you trust, and a great deal of crazy thoughts.

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  1. Hi M.A.
    Lovely to read your blog again.It’s 2.36am and I should be in bed. But then I would not be reading your wonderfull blog. I especially love the story about the breadknife.I am also inspired that you travelled overland to Poland – no mean feat. Actually what I wanted to see was pictures of your edible art in the dock. Have you got any?
    Happy New Year
    x Aisling

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