The rain came after a lot of dry

The rain came after a lot of dry weather, serious heat, and blue skies with interesting clouds, I made a little of my slow hay, did not get bitten by horseflies (taons), they landed on my boiler suit (bleu de chauffe), took off, landed again, took off, and never got to any surface of exposed skin. Lucky. Insects have a particular fondness for my skin usually. I was very very calm, I decided to not even let the thought of being bitten enter my mind.
During the warm days I remembered about living in Dublin when I arrived in Ireland first (and was the proud bearer of an “alien” permit), the way people—and that soon included me—who lived in often shabby rented flats or houses would simply carry the armchairs out the front and sit on them. I thought that this was so rock’n’roll and decadent, I suppose you would say ‘cool’ and ‘weird’ now. White plastic chairs had probably not yet been invented and at least not taken over the world. On the day of the women’s mini marathon (40,000 ? 60,000 ? women on the streets including some men in charming outfits) some people had dragged some much posher furniture out to see the streets being flooded. Some of them clapped. I find it quite moving.
Our courgette plant seems happy that the rain came back but the wash on the line would like to call it a day.

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