maison djeribi’s opinionated foods

Watch out! change of day : Saturday pop up becoming a Sunday pop up from 27 June

maison djeribi weekly food and crêpe stall on Saturdays (until 19 June, on Sundays from 27 June) from 11 to 3ish in Carrick-on-Shannon (Leitrim) (pale green cabin in Lowes’ yard, off Bridge street).

Sourdough breads made with Irish and non-Irish organic flours (wood-fired hand-kneaded slow-fermented) and some other opinionated edibles : a weekly selection of sweet, savoury and fermented stuff.

Hot crêpes (sweet and savoury) made with organic Irish spelt flour, organic milk and organic eggs.

Hot drinks (organic and fair trade), to raise funds for Safelink in Boyle.

From For more up-to-dateness see @maisondjeribi on instagram.

maison djeribi is set on a 4.878 acre plot of Leitrim soil, a hillside where artist djeribi makes things, grows plants, hangs out with the goats, dances and bangs the drums loudly. Over the years a lot of trees have been planted, coppiced, pollarded in order to provide timber to fire the cleverly designed (patented in 1913) Belgian handmade oven.

The kitchen-bakery and edible garden have their root in a life-long love of food : eating and cooking, sharing and discussing, enjoying and feeling grateful. A manner for djeribi to honour her Berber and French ancestors, trusting that her gestures, her recipes, the kitchen sounds and the tastes echo their lives, their hopes and their dreams. 2017-04-20 17.05.33-1

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