maison djeribi’s next move

Saturday 12 September 2020 will see the official launch of the maison djeribi weekly food stall in Carrick-on-Shannon (Leitrim) (in the pale green shed in Lowes’ yard on Bridge street). There will be sourdough bread (wood-fired hand-kneaded slow-fermented) and some other opinionated edibles : a weekly selection of sweet, savoury and fermented stuff. For more up-to-dateness see @maisondjeribi on instagram.

maison djeribi is set on a 4.878 acre plot of Leitrim soil, a hillside where artist djeribi makes things, grows plants, hangs out with the goats, dances and bangs the drums loudly. Over the years a lot of trees have been planted, coppiced, pollarded in order to provide timber to fire the cleverly designed (patented in 1913) Belgian handmade oven.

The kitchen-bakery and edible garden have their root in a life-long love of food : eating and cooking, sharing and discussing, enjoying and feeling grateful. A manner for djeribi to honour her Berber and French ancestors, trusting that her gestures, her recipes, the kitchen sounds and the tastes echo their lives, their hopes and their dreams.2017-04-20 17.05.33-1

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