being in the right place

Difficult extraction from bed due to time change. Fed the cats with home-made cat stew, milked the goat, bottle fed the kids and carried them to their little pasture, let out and fed the chickens and ducks, checked on sick chicken, made pizza for school dinner, ate a breakfast of soft boiled egg from the garden and own-home-brand bread, with a lot of water and (equal exchange) rooibosch tea and then I finally put potatoes to sprout. I will be late planting them again this year. One of my neighbours said you can set potatoes as long as you can see through ash trees, I like that, I may not quite manage it, though.
I suppose it is not just about traveling sensibly it is also about loving where you are, looking at the trees, feeling lucky about your life. I long ago heard on the radio about this very old lady who had not ever left her village, who said, ‘why would I travel since I’m already here’. I do like to travel because I love seeing concentrations of people and what they make, but if I could no longer travel it would be all right too. The whole world is also here in my little community and I do love my life and it is a bright sunny day today.

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