convenience food

On Thursdays I am alone, trying to finish ordinary tasks in order to get to the studio. Last week, although I could have gone into the garden and picked enough for a wonderful lunch I chose convenience food instead. Polish smoked pigs ears from the lithuanian supermarket and frozen peas (we do have peas growing but only a minute crop, so I could not feast on my own). Each ingredient had no doubt been produced with plenty of nasty substances but nothing since harvest so no E figured on the label, so as convenience food goes it did not feel too bad and it tasted delicious. I can live in hope that the Polish don’t keep their pigs in batteries but there is little chance of that, industrial farming is industrial farming. At least they are turning their ears into tasty morsels (ingredients : meat, salt). As for frozen peas they are probably evil, but I do love them.


  1. Not a lot to do with pigs ears, I just tried to find Cloone on the map. Started with Google Earth, and indeed, Cloone exists. The resolution is poor, although the orientation of the green fields is remarkable, they sort of North/South, like iron particles in an explanatory drawing in your primary school physics book. The ice-sheet, I guess, and of course the fields are arranged in a geographical way because farmers are wise people. Anyway, Cloone was there, but the roads are not visible in that resolution, so I asked Google Earth would it show the roads. (little square, click) It did: the N4 is not very far from Cloone. Bless their sweet little hearts.
    No importance, whatsoever, but after I stopped laughing (off my stupid Continental head), I decided to share the joy. I love Leitrim.

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