tea and cake, in season

After making do with pretty inferior Orange Blossom Water from various brands and in various bottles I finally sourced my favourite one, Cortas from Lebanon, so there was a need to invent a new something, so there,  a jewishcheesecaketart effort to celebrate the taste I missed, with crème pâtissière, fruit from the garden and a leaf of Moroccan mint.
Art@Work residency report : The Knockvicar mud oven is progressing, H is building the roof (not one of my skills) with reclaimed timber and tiles, and soon we should be able to proceed with the earth moulding per se. It is happening very organically with very little from shops, a lot of recycling and hand digging, use of everyone’s particular skill or enthusiasm and the time it takes to make things happen, very human time. I am working on my plant labelling project, it is slowly taking shape, this residency has taught me that I work slowly and that there is value in that, mulling over, waiting for things to crystallize around an intent. In the Winter I will be organizing a series of evenings of eat soup/watch film/conversation (will tell more), I think this residency has been the catalyst for a lot of conversations, I like that.
I am sending a cheque today for €246 to Survival International, the money collected since last december with hot drinks and complimentary little lingots chocolat and conversations, bringing the total amount to well over €500. Good work.
I missed blackberrying time this year, I should have gone out in August but I was not in the mood and then we went away to Brittany and came back to rain and rottening berries. There is always next year of course, a reason never to blame oneself. This year I am planning to collect a lot of rosehips and make jam and lemonade. We made a little last year and it left us wishing for more.

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