Many hands make good work

The earth oven at Knockvicar organic garden : Base has been constructed, plastered, filled up and insulated. Clay has been transported. Sand has been brought from the quarry. Roof has been planned and is being built. On saturday and sunday we will gather and build the oven (simple work with simple ingredients, by hand out of daub, sand and water). I won’t be, needless to say, wearing my maison djeribi hat, there will only be biscotti to buy.
In French we say ’On ne peut pas être au four et au moulin’, precisely, one cannot be at the oven and at the mill at the same time.


  1. I happened upon your website searching for chilblains remedies and really enjoyed the wonderful writing, art and doings on this site. We are having quite the winter in Rhode Island this year as well. Take care, would love to hear more about your farming and cooking and remedies. Thanks for all.

    • Thank you for your good words, and I do hope you wave goodbye to your childblains very soon!! I did not do too badly with them this year, just the occasional toe. Keep warm, a Winter like this one will make us feel so grateful for the Spring, and that’s a good thing.

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