Birthdays and everydays

Birthday cake for birthday boy, Pièce Montée (choux pastry filled with vanilla flavoured crème pâtissière, piled high, with caramel used as mortar and garnish) à la Tower of Pisa. Ah, the guilt-free cake eating of wintry days (not that I ever feel guilty about eating lovely food)…
We have done all that we possibly could to weather the promised very cold spell (insulation, draught proofing, pipe burying), and we hope we will keep our water running if the forecast is proven right (available fingers crossed). I am busy baking and with a lot of orders of breads, cakes, biscotti and provisions, I do hope the roads will be good on saturday morning. I learned from my friend Pat to have a bag of turf dust to scatter on icy patches if necessary.

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