What I have learned

More snow on the horizon for this new year (or so they say), happy new year. In the white landscape of this winter when we had to be on the road I was reminded of the Jim Jarmush 1984 film, Stranger than Paradise, muffled noises, soundtrack in my head, must watch it again.
On a more prosaic level, what I learned this winter, with no running water (18 days in total for us so far, plumbing to rethink and redo wholeheartedly), do not attempt to refill the cistern manually if you want to flush, lift the seat and pour a bucket of water in the bowl. We disconnected the U-bend under the wash-hand basin and now collect all the grey water of handwashing and teethbrushing in a large bucket and use that for the occasional flush. Hey.
Back in Knockvicar on 15 January, weather depending, for a little happy 2011 celebratory thing, with all good wishes and some waffles with cinnamon and icing sugar hmm and mulled apple juice yes.

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