alive, thank you for so much light

2011, the year I read Etty Hillesum, one of the most important books of my life that came at the right time (they mostly do), lent to me by M, so I’m rereading Rilke, as she did.

The earth oven is plastered and the plaster is curing, and as nothing seems to be collapsing we are very happy. It will probably need an hydrated lime plaster above this cowpoomudsand traditional one, as, as U said, this is not Africa, and water we do not lack falling and falling and falling rarely vertically.

This is May and so many things still to fix with this house, knowing the winter will come again, trying not to worry that it will all collapse or get damaged irretrievably. What unintentionally moving parts does the wind activate so loudly ? What clever ways water finds to go its own imaginative way ! Aiming to make things better in the process, more suited to us, more human-friendly. Trying to not worry, trying to stay in the moment, this moment is my life.

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