being around

Sometimes it feels that I must stop and breathe in order to gather all the bits of me that I have let loose. Cleaning or tidying the house are sometimes good activities to aid the mental process, a long walk or a long bath would also do. So today I am ready to accept that I may not do anything creative, that I may not have any exceptional thought, that I will just allow myself to be, and to breathe.
This coming Saturday is Christmas eve, Lo and Behold I will be at Knockvicar with some lovely things I do hope, between 11.30 and 2, there will be mulled apple juice and biscotti for everyone. See you there and then or see you in the New Year and enjoy the festivities if festiving is something you plan to do. As always, in this season, if the weather turns melodramatic between now and Saturday, check here for updates before you set out.

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