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“I did not know goats could be so small” a woman said to me in the market where I had gone with my white furry baby under my arm as I did not want to leave her alone in the warm airless car. Eight days old. She is small still—just about the size of her siblings at birth—but doing very well. She calls from her cardboard box to be let out for a toilet visit outside (she never soils her hay), she sits beside her box when she wants to be put back in for a nap. She’s not able to jump in and out yet but she is practicing her jumping skills actively after each bottle when she is full of beans. Hopefully she won’t manage to jump out before the nights are warmer and we can take her out of the utility room and settle her in a little outside house. What a joy, this little furry treasure full of life, she has a name now, Snowdrop.
We will have to take a little time off during baking tomorrow to go running and jumping around in the grass with our white friend, nice. Sometimes I forget to stop although taking the time to stop is never a waste of time, it never slows you down.

If we lose touch with our sources, we are in danger of losing hope. That is why it is important to stay close to nature, to listen to how the trees and flowers, potatoes and hedges, shrubs and bulbs grow in silence.

“Gardening the Soul”, Sister Stanislaus Kennedy.

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