happy horticulturing

Am planning to grow more flowers this year, thus ordered a few packet of seeds from Le Biau Germe alongside our cabbages and beetroots and gherkins and salads and whatnots, although I always have to struggle against my inner judge of usefulness, flowers are really useful, though : they make the garden into a very pleasant place to be (more presence : more regular weeding) and they provide food for insects that will in return pollinate plants for us. I can really see a garden full of edibles and flowers and medicinal plants in our future, the last two areas need a little more dedication.
This year we are planting a bed for our slugs to feed on, sharing makes for a good life, and war does not work. With the birds and the fruit bushes, we do a timeshare, we ask them to let us pick what we need and we let them eat all that we leave for them, we have enough, always. It works well, it provides inner peace and we get to eat our produce.

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