small fry !

Sprats are small and therefore all of the fish can be eaten, flesh and insides, heads and tails (if you will). Count about 150g (1/3 lb) per person, pat dry. In a clean and dry plastic bag drop half a cup of flour (spelt, wheat, rice or a mixture), salt, pepper and whatnot (spice you feel would compliment your fish experience). Drop the fishes in, with a tight grip of one of your hands keep the mouth the bag shut and shake the little creatures about. They will come out perfectly coated.
Heat up a heavy and large (ideally large enough to contain everybody) pan, melt a generous knob of butter and a drizzle of oil (to keep the butter from burning) and add the little fishes. Cook each side for about one minute, serve with a a little lemon, a drizzle of your favourite olive oil and a mixed green salad or some green vegetables. Love your digestive tract and avoid mixing your proteins and your carbs, and it will love you back.

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