alive !

I am alive and amazed to be, having closely inspected where I came from.

Eternal, comfortable gratitude.

I wish to thank here and everyday for the life that breathes also through me : the leaves in the trees, the blades of grass, the greedy slugs, all the proud snails, the stones and the pebbles, the salt in the water, the water that is and the water that falls down, the glaciers, the sea and the land breeze, all, metal rusted or not, all the grains of sand, the soil, the soil above all, the insects that fly and the others, the furry and the feathery animals, the invention of clothespegs and chocolate, art and books, and of course all those who held out their hands to me. I am here. A breath, a thank you, alive.

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  1. “Is not life 100 times too short for us to be tired of it.” To grow tired of it. To not try to live as you are trying as expressed here. “Life piled on life were not enough.”. “As though to breathe were life.” etc, etc. You know who said/wrote this lines. Forgive me for just throwing them down. you and i share a common spirit, friend.

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