how to ? prepare garlic for animals

  Last month, for the first time in over ten years of keeping goats, we’ve had to give them a worming allopathic medicine… what with the mild winter, the cold spring and the wet summer, despite the kefir (squirted down their throats), the garlic, and the moving from one field to the next every ten days maximum (we brought that down to seven days max since).
Garlic is a  panacea (for us bipeds, too, by the way), and getting the animals (here, chickens, goats, cats) fond of it early is a must. We have had poor yield all round in the garden this year, we have fed our slugs well mind you, so the garlic came from the shop. Cloves separated but not peeled, and to the mince I add the flour sweepings from the countertop after baking. Add a little everyday to organic gm-free concentrates/grain mix and a little seaweed if you have it handy, and there may not be need for any synthetic drug ever.
late addendum : In this country (Ireland) apparently, I heard it be said and I am inclined to believe it, the earthworm population is decimated by sheep wormers (the drugs) which are used regularly as a matter of course and stay in the soil to kill on and on. A lot has been said about the threat to our survival if the bee (and other pollinating insects) came to disappear, but not enough is said about the life of the soil. There is more life in the soil than above it, it seems, and the life above it is very much dependent on the survival and health of all those creatures and organisms that keep the soil alive. I’ll write about this again I am sure.


    • I hear you, for some reason we did not even plant enough for our own consumption last year. I know why, actually, we ate too much of our own harvest. Good luck with yours !

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