differing levels of dormancy

I like this time of year, I am lucky to have a warm shelter. I look at the trees whose leaves have fallen, I look at the fallen leaves, I look at the flying leaves, dormancy is a wonderful thing when you know you will awaken again (I rarely take time for a walk these days nor a run, but I know I will again). This time of year is for making counted steps, small things, dreaming large, plotting change, cooking lovely things (nutritious packable lunches for the children’s schooldays) as a break from essay writing and keeping up with reading material.
I am researching the history of medicine, mainstream, folk and others, I am questioning the notion of ‘health’, the notion of cure, the power given or relinquished. I was once told that the kind of relationship one could have with their acupuncturist in China was that they would pay them a little every week they were healthy, but would not pay when they needed treatment. Interesting idea. I love new perspectives that suddenly challenge what I have been neglecting to think through, what I gobbled in readymade without questioning it. It feels good to dream up the kind of relationship I would desire with the person(s) that I would seek help from when I need help (respectful, very human, positive). What do I want her/him/them to be looking at when they see me (a disease, a broken bone, or rather a whole self with idiosyncracies and luggage), but first I must question my own relationship with my health (and my life), be it physical, mental or emotional, I need to have an image, an instinct for what it means to be ‘healthy’ and that can be a very personal thing.
And certainly health, medical care etc. are things that need to be thought out, energy put into the right areas. Certainly a conversation is needed to challenge the commonly accepted notions of how we are treating dis-ease, un-wellness—what help is available. There is a lot of knowledge, intuition, strength, that came in the package of our first breath. We need to hold that near and nurture it, consult our elders, read the books, reboot our commonsense engines. Studying homeopathy, a good challenging path for me.

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