make your own medicine

I have wonderful memories of being in Berlin as a teenager, parties, food, gigs, love. I had friends there, one, B, had great wit and musical tastes (by that I of course mean that we enjoyed the same music), and she had a tin that she had filled with little bits of paper with the word glück (luck) written on each of them. Before heading out of the white-walled spacious flat where she lived with her mother she would—as needed—put one or more of these home-made charms in her pocket. I was sent home that time with a bunch of them in my own tin and went on to share this lovely custom with a lot of people.
I only realize now the power of the lesson she taught me. Self-love or self-care were not in my early curriculum and yet it is the lynch pin of existence. I accept that people drift apart and being me I obviously did not look B or any of these long-lost friends and loves on facebook, but the other day (thinking of her and sending her my love and my thanks), I spent quite a while making the above love charms for use by the children and I when we will feel the need.
I find that the day one needs the most love is the day that one feels raw and exposed and thus all one’s sharp spikes are sticking out defensively and it is the least likely to come one’s way ? This little tin is a way of aknowledging a precious need as I find a need aknowledged is a need almost satisfied.

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