I like that.


watch the video ! New ! Exciting !

A visiting man stood in front of one of the bookshelves today and asked if I was a hoarder, I said yes. But I added, I am also an immigrant. My books are my memory, my life, my past, my country.

Sometimes I think about The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry for instance and I wonder if it does not contain everything one needs to know. It’s good to have a copy of it on one’s shelves, to be able to check even when the electricity is off—incidentally I own this book in a good few languages, a number of which I can’t even understand (a collector).

I was told that there was more chance for a cutting to take if you stole it, does anybody agree ? I’m not sure. I asked for this one it was generously granted to me and it is now happily rooted (unlke my recent Lemon Verbena hardwood cuttings, I’ll try again).

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