slow motion (let's try this)



I have a to-do list the length of the Nile that does not even include seasonal specials and daily chores, and I catch myself being a little agitated, confusing urgent for important matters, almost forgetting to breathe. Suddenly I have to stop as the children both need to be kept back from school, needing home-made potions and listening ears. They have ensured that the tree was purchased in good time so we bring it in, dress it up and rejoice at our lovely collection of decorations that emerge from the box and feel like old comforting friends. The joy of fairy lights when night falls early. And as I sit in the early evening I feel that I will manage everything, but what that means is that what I won’t manage will be all right left on the back-boiler for a while. For proof I touch the daikon radishes that I have left at the back door waiting to be put into brine and they feel as firm as the day they were dug out.

I am looking forward to the everything of Christmas, the time to ponder, treat, stop, stare, prepare, pack, open, relish and all the spectrum of emotions, and I am alive to the promise of a new year.

Today is the eleventh day of the twelfth month of the year thirteen, I think we marked the day accordingly, and that we will remember this lovely number combination.


  1. Hi Djeribi, I also have a mammoth to-do list and a fondness for beautifully structured number combinations! But I can’t quite muster up enthusiasm for Christmas ….the thought fills me with dread. I’m sure once a few more hurdles have been cleared that will change!

    • I think the secret is to try and have your own Christmas, not the one you think (or you’re told) you’re supposed to be having. I hope you do enjoy it when you get to it, and also the few days after it when everything stops and you don’t even get post so you can be there just for you. All the best !

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