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daily mouse
I have a piece of sourdough bread that has turned into concrete in situ in the little trap and I top it everyday with a small dollop of organic peanut butter. I send one of the children up the ladder to the attic to collect the cage in the morning and we release the creature on the way to school with her belly full and the bread licked clean. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away what about our daily mouse? I do like that sound of busy little legs running above my head, do mice always run because they are aware their legs are on the small side or are they of an anxious temperament, worried about their safety ? I find small rodents pretty endearing but there is nothing really edible for them up there and I would not like them to munch through our archives and treasures waiting to be sorted out. Is the news out there yet in the mouse world that we offer a free nut meal and a country drive to one mouse every day throughout the cold months ?
my walk


  1. ‘Why on earth would you walk?’ they tell me. And yes, they say, news has reached as far as Indiana, north of the White river.

  2. Absolutely! I can see mouse waves going out to fellow furried friends about the gourmet offerings chez Djeribi! They are unbearably sweet but preferably not in my house. When there’s mouse poo in my kitchen cupboard we are rarely so humane….

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