Not in my name

Not ever in my name : The war, the bombs, the realpolitik, the absence of compassion, the apparent complete lack of humanity of those in power, the putting of money before people, the commodification of what is necessary for life, the contempt for Mother Earth, the exclusion of the more fragile, the fear mongering, the violence as standard media fare, the gnawing at democratic values, the endemic everyday sexism and racism and bullying that we do not seem to be aiming to raise our civilisation (?) above.
I was born in France, I hold a French passport, I live in Europe. I am a feminist, a tractorless farmer, a woman. I do not condone the actions of those I may or may not have voted for. There are a lot of people who I could stand with in the name of common shared values. I have hope.


  1. Many thanks for your post that expresses my sentiments and especially for the information about the Syrian Civil Defense group, the White Helmets. I didn’t know about them . I had been wanting to find something like this – I just sent them a contribution and will tell people about them.
    Suzanne Guerlac

  2. You are most welcome ! It was lovely to find your comment.
    Small things we do, no matter how small, can and do make a difference.
    It’s lovely to feel that we are able to reach out to people in our own personal way if we take the time to try. All the best, in hope.

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