This is now. Somewhat new.

The miracle : finding somewhere for us to live, somewhere for us.
We moved into our new house just over a month ago but I’m not sure whether all of me has arrived yet nor where the light switches are when it’s dark and I can’t see. Is it a dream or have I simply not quite landed yet after months of trying not to panic ? So I am hovering a few millimetres above my life but I like the space I am slowly landing into : a lot of shelves and a couple of beds to build, all our pictures to hang, hundreds of our things mislaid that we may have learned to do without by the time they resurface. It’s a new adventure, a new life, a house we can afford and where we will stay as long as we need/want/like to. On my terms for perhaps the first time in my life.
A miracle, and the best part of it is : I feel we deserve our luck, a new start, a good life, a lot of hugs.


  1. I am so happy to read that you have secured a new place to live – and that it is on your terms! Luck well deserved for sure. Wishing you and your family many years of joy and creativity in your new nest. 🙂 x

    • Thank you.
      Joy and creativity, what else could one possibly want (once the shelter business is sorted) ? Wishing you a wonderful Summer, to learn and to make good stuff x M-A

  2. HAppy to think of you well in your new home – reading, thinking and listening.

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