won't you tempura while I away ?

Next friday, instead of doing the maison djeribi work, I’ll be heading for Cork to get onto the ferry to Roscoff. I’m already looking forward to looking into rock pools, reading and writing, speaking a lot of French, practicing diabolo and going to our precious little organic market in Tregunc (south finistère) on tuesdays from 4 to 7 p.m. I’ll be back on 12 july with freshly baked loaves (but on that day I will set up stall in the Cleen community hall a few minutes down the road [signposted on the day] for a community benefit day jumble sale and more), in the meantime, while I rest my kneading muscles, see below a 1940s red cross poster : ‘save bread, cut it in very thin slices, and use all crusts in soups’.
Knockvicar community organic garden is open every day in my absence, check out the baby cucumbers and make some tempura batter for courgette flowers (mix one egg yolk with 175 ml of water, add 120g of flour [I use hildegard white spelt flour, sifted] and add those little plastic ice cubes that were pretty cool in the seventies allowing you to chill out the mix without diluting it, dip and throw into very hot oil, I used a pan but I am led to believe that a lot of you own a deep fat fryer, for dessert we tempura-ed some banananana, see the smile on our contented faces, but I would recommend sprigs of flat-leaf parsley and also spring onions, let me know how you get on).
If you have more than a minute, check out one great French food blog, do ignore the ads on the left-hand side, though. http://chocolateandzucchini.com

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