periwinkles for dinner : what to do

Not much time to commit anything to this blog, but this is busy time with the animals (12 chicks, one duckling, and counting) and the plants and the grass and also gone out camping with the children what a wonderful thing to do, we had only forgotten to bring plates so we ate out of the pots from an ancient aluminium (I never touch the stuff normally) camping set I bought for 1 euro at a car boot sale in brittany, but we thought of everything else, water, matches, gas stove, eggs, bread, our own goat cheese, knockvicar cucumbers, tomatoes and salad bag, a jar of organic ravioli, a packet of organic instant mash, and a packet of Polish sausages to tickle the fire with. We even professionally managed a little fire and we brought home the rubbish of the people before us : a disposable barbecue, two plastic bottles (one burnt), two cans (one ripped), plastic bags and more. We had made a neat pile of it when we arrived. That’s how I was brought up, I’d hate somebody to think that it was my rubbish, and we had such a lovely time. Picked periwinkles for the dinner back home.
What to do with periwinkles : rinse well, at best keep them in clean sea water for a couple of days at the bottom of the fridge before rinsing well. Cover in cold water, with a couple of bay leaves, salt pepper and chillies, bring to the boil turn the fire off immediately and let cool in the water. Make your own mayonnaise meanwhile, one egg yolk, whisk in a little apple cider vinegar or half a teaspoon of mustard, then add sunflower oil a dribble at a time whisking energetically, add a little olive oil for taste, salt and pepper and a few drops of lemon juice . Use sharp needles to extract the cool cooked beasts. A delight.

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