seed swap sunday

This coming sunday, 28 February, is seed swap day at the Cleen/Crossna Community Hall (down the road from Knockvicar Organic Garden). From 12-4 .m. all welcome to share and swap your saved or amassed seeds, watch a film, talk garden buy some seeds from Brown Envelope Seeds and have a warm lunch in good company.
On Monday after swimming we went into town to avail of broadband connection and watch a very entertaining 20 minute-animated film about the underside of the consumer society, The Story Of Stuff. If you have broadband, and you have not already seen it (apparently it has already had over five million downloads), take the time to do so, it is fun and very clever and it’s about the life we lead. The children loved it too.
The Story Of Stuff with Annie Leonard


  1. Oh Thank you for putting the link in to the Story of Stuff MA, wonderful documentary.

  2. it was presented perfectly, really simple, stunning doc., watched it in London, as the connection[mobile], just isn’t fast enough. Made a link on my blog to it.

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