all is well that can be fixed

The oven’s back element was ordered, received and put in place with J’s precious help. In the recycling depot there were a lot of washing machines, just one cooker. I removed a functioning element although I knew it was too large for my particular condition (but I do love to hoard circular objects) and also a few thermostats, with the help of a friendly man far better equipped on the day. This is the cusp, people are still getting rid of things that are perfectly all right and other are starting to collect things and parts thereof, “no scavenging without prior authorization” said the sign. There were a lot of authorized people there that day, mostly men.
We found a back pack in perfect condition that we will wash and bring to a charity shop, N found a scooter and E brought home a shopping trolley. Aren’t we fully equipped ?
Back on the maison djeribi job.

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