swap day, coming up

This coming Sunday, plant swap day from 12 to 4 organized by Knockvicar organic garden at the crossna community centre, down the road from the garden, come with your seedlings or plants to give/swap/share and discuss. There will be soup (minestrone is what I am planning to cook), salads (that’s the plan anyway, quinoa taboule with mountains of parsley is what I have up my sleeve), bread, tea and cake. The seed swap day was great so with the excitement of spring the plant swap should be mightily enjoyable.
The day my mother died, 6 years ago, I had to cut the grass to make new beds in the garden, that was the 22 February, I had spent the whole day outside feeling very happy and ambitious about the gardening year, she died in her sleep that night. Different year, different behaviours as they say in latin : last saturday, the 17 May, we had ran out of straw and bought a large round bale of hay to feed the animals as there is still so little grass around. We spend a couple of hours every morning cutting briars and ivy for them but even that is getting thin on the ground. They seem happy though and healthy-they do love the roughage-and the four male kids too. Just one more to come, male, we presume, a female would be nice, though, hornless like all our herd.

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