grumble here, if I may

Grumbling that the national broadband strategy involves dotting the whole of the Irish landscape with masts and thus covering the atmosphere in waves that nobody or nothing probably benefits from, to put it mildly. I don’t have a mobile and I do not want one, a mobile is a gadget that James Bond characters need, I have never wanted to be like James Bond and advertising and peer pressure will not make me change my mind about who I’d like to be or what it is I need. My dial up connection is erratic and costly and thus broadband would be handier but not if it means giving in to what I do not want now for emotional, environmental, behavioural and health reasons. With the disappearance of public phones life is often made that little more difficult. However, luck was on our side last week when we were driving back at night from Wicklow with the bulbs gone off in our headlights. We found a perfectly functioning phone booth in Maynooth and were able to make a call, we do pay the price, it costs 1 euro for a local call. I may be called stubborn and I won’t deny that I am, it is no chance that we keep goats and a donkey here, we understand each other, but is it not important to be able to stand for what you think is right or against what you think is not right ? We may be stuck to visits to the local library’s all mod cons. We’ll survive this.

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