something I remember, something I read

The window in the bathroom of  a house that I will never visit again, where a lady lived that I cared for but will never see again. My lovely memories are with me everyday.
From Gardening the Soul (A spiritual daybook) by Sister Stanislaus Kennedy lent to me by P. and enjoyed here by all for the last ten days. This is for 21 October, today.

Almost every day we have to face situations and people we  fear are more than we can handle. Often our way of coping is to try to pass the task off to somebody else or to leave it undone. When we feel like this, it helps to remember that all that is expected of us is our best. This is our time. It is not a matter of saying and doing great things. It is a matter of saying and doing small things with responsibility and courage. Nobody can do my growing for me and I should not pass to others what is my responsibility or what I need to experience as part of my growth process.

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