today must be lucky

In the numerical system in use here, today is 11.11.11, and at 11.11 we took a deep breath.
A once-in-a-lifetime-occurrence, today must be a good day to reflect on what to let go of, unnecessary baggage, physical or otherwise and to continue on the journey, lighter, happier, aware and alive.
Good luck to all (P says we make our own luck, I think he is right).


  1. Oh we did the same here in Brooklyn at 11.11. on 11.11.11. I’m still trying to let go of that excess. I think we make our own luck too. Much much love to you, those lovely little ones and all the animals xx

  2. Breathe, be with yourself, everything happens at the right time. And remember, the cold season is the time to prune trees, and then, in the spring, there will be plenty of new shoots where the branch used to be. x to you from all of us.

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