stairs going up or down

Image   The school holidays are coming to an end, and I find myself remembering about Autumn, a thoughtful time about to come upon us. But I am of this moment and I am thinking already. This Maison Djeribi baking business has been from the word go a labour of love, and a couple of weeks ago before this short break I celebrated seven years of baking and five years of saturdays at Knockvicar. And I took the decision to take a sabbatical to reinvent how I wish to bake or even to reinvent what I wish to do as a bread and butter business.

The thing about a labour of love is that it is necessary to check from time to time if there are not other things to love as well, I suppose my art practice and my writing could do with a little more love, farming and horticulturing could do with a little more time ; my children, I think (they’ll agree most days) are getting the lion share already. I’ll keep this blog going as what I will always be at is maison djeribi (the house that djeribi builds) allowing it to stretch in different ways (let’s push out the walls, cut out some windows, add a porch! figuratively of course). So here will be the place to read about what will be born of autumnal reflection, where my energy and love will be poured in. 

I will be back in Knockvicar on 8 September for the last time with my usual fare of sourdough breads and wonderful cakes and what-have-yous, the oven will be lit for a farewell party of sorts. 


  1. Lordy, there are lots of things to love. So many things and so little time. Going up the stairs or down–it’s easy to love both. May the direction you go lead to where your spirit lives and away from where your spirit falters. Go there, stay there, thrive.

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