slow forward

You see a possible path, sometimes a mere glimpse of it in your head in the clearness of your mind in the morning fresh air. So you start engineering the change you have decided to welcome, to allow, to enable, to smile and breathe in. It feels right, a little scary perhaps, a little exciting of course. Your loved ones are not afraid, they trust that you will be there, wherever, for them as always, but they sense a little fluttering and they assure you that they too are near, and will remain so.
And after a little while, as you tell others that you are going to pick out some of your seams and reconfigure some dance moves, you start to see that you had become such a fixture in their lives that you wonder for a moment how you dared envisage to try a different road without consulting all beforehand.
But, truth be told, heart be held warm, this is your life, and the fresh breeze you allow in your life will fill with bright oxygen the lungs of all who know you. You dare grow, you allow all whose path you have ever crossed to take their own free step.
“One discovers that destiny can be directed, that one does not need to remain in bondage to the first wax imprint made on childhood sensibilities. One need not be branded by the first pattern. Once the deforming mirror is smashed, there is a possibility of wholeness, there is a possibility of joy.”
Anais Nin, Diaries

M. shared this quote with me, I have not met her for a while, but my thoughts often wander towards her in gratefulness.


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