back to school

There it is, the day that comes after the day before when the end was reached, after the good-byes, the packing, the slight sadness, the exhaustion, the rest. I wake up and I see : learning new tricks is what I planned, so be it : I will build up the centre a little as I put myself in a position to learn more, as learning more is always also learning about oneself.
This coming weekend will be the start of a four-year training in homoeopathy for me. No, obviously not a higher university degree in art practice as is now the fashion for art practitioners to engage in, but as art is what I am about, this also will be a new way to look at everything, a good way to expand my gaze and understanding and will definitely have calm and deep repercussions for everything I do.
As for my bread and butter work, I need a little more time to make up something good, elastic, fun, caring, and not too physically exhausting. Start a band ? Read aloud ? Find some mushrooms ? Invent a new toothbrushing technique ? Build a good fire ? Be thoughtful, a little wild, kind, and grateful and then go to sleep, an idea will come in time.


  1. Yes, it’s the bread and butter work that causes so much frustration. I’m still looking for a calmer more meaningful way to butter my bread…..Best of luck with the homeopathy course- exciting times ahead! k : )

    • There must be a good way, I so want to manage to enjoy my life along the lines of my artistic endeavours, rather than to have to learn to run my art practice along the lines of capiltalismismismism… Off to this new path of mine, exciting is right, let’s not forget to breathe on the way there ! Enjoy your own path !

      • Your quiet whisper of longing here (“There must be a good way, I so want to manage to enjoy my life…”) — is it not outrageous that the life of creativity and craft and art and beauty has no real position in the world, no voice? That there sometimes seems to be only the tiny beat that go on and on in a few over-sized hearts scattered the world over? Our collective one heart leading our shared one life and maybe we find a way and maybe we don’t…

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