all these wonderful living things, us

This was not part of my homework but I am obviously very dedicated and so, after mad exertion at the weekend walking animals “over vales and hills” and cycling to and fro in changing weather—as we are quite challenged in the motor region these days—I took it upon myself to get into a flu that was a perfect picture of one of the homeopathic remedies that we studied in our first lectures.
As the remedy is Bryonia, it was not a particularly enjoyable flu, either for me or my loved ones (I always dream of the flu that you surrender to, with books in bed). ‘The patient wants to go home” even if she is already there. “Aversion to least motion”, the patient “talks of business. Wants to be left alone. Desire for things which are rejected when offered.” “Effects are very painful, on coughing holds sides.” I am quoting from Dr S.R. Phatak’s Materia Medica.
I always loved reading about homeopathy, it is like reading a novel as it is full of people described in their most minute singularity. Reading a materia medica always reassures me that even while I (we) indulge in the most remarkable, weird or wonderful behaviour I am (we are) merely displaying my (our) living qualities, and I (we) indeed belong. There is an exciting and reassuring quality to that, and Homeopathy tells us that our body can pretty much heal itself, and that has to be the most reassuring and exciting thing, really.
So today I am up, dry coughing uncomfortably but not too often, on the mend, and I am planning to make a bread to send to Paris to someone who had his birthday last Saturday, but I am moving pretty slowly so it may take a couple of days yet. Meanwhile Autumn has arrived, officially and apparently, and I know this is a good season for me (even when I am not in need of Bryonia). All good really, and slow.

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