Big and Small jobs

whacker, favourite fencing tool
I have been on self-elected holiday from fencing since early last week, I have another large field and two addenda to do but earlier last week I admitted to myself that the mere idea of fencing exhausted me. I have worked really hard and am almost done as I got good help but I am a rather small human (with quite muscly arms) and fencing is a tough job. For the last few weeks I have been fencing against the clock making sure the next field was ready for the goats to move into. The idea is that the goats are rotated between fields staying a week or so in each before moving on to the next refreshed pasture. This is for food management and also to help them beat the parasite cycle. So they will go through a truncated cycle until I am ready to pick up my heavy fencing tools again.
Truanting from the Big Fencing Job all the little jobs that had been piling up don’t seem like jobs at all. I made delicious jam, infused honey and oils, cooked prolific Tayberries into a succession of cakes (like this one), fixed an old camping seat, sewn a bag, did some weeding, grass cutting, planting, and am now building clever wooden planters to stand around the house. A lot of outdoor pursuits but I did find time to read neglected copies of the London Review of Books too. Happy in the dry weather today, quite bitten by horseflies though.


    • We drive wooden posts with it, never thought about the noise, will ponder this when I return to the business ! So superior to the sledge hammer that I used in the beginning, it chewed the top of the posts and often my fingers too…
      Oh yes goats here too, dry at present, aren’t they such beautiful creatures ?

  1. We have also been post pounding. Borrowed my dads. Trying to keep a small dog in but also making “rooms” in my garden. Now to furnish them! Also trying to convince other half to get some medium sized livestock but he’s not giving in. Aren’t goats expert escape artists?

    • You can say that again, we have four strings electric wire here and I do sometimes find a specimen on the wrong side of it… Good luck with your job.

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