soft-centred, safe and alive

I have been away leaving G, my neighbour, in charge of feeding the animals : a holiday of sorts for a handful of days, very far away and always closer to me, slow progress, a car, a train, a boat, a lot of sitting down and looking and seeing, a lot of waiting, walking, a drive, a field full of people I had never met before. Wait, remembering to breathe, to make a wish, I am safe. I felt a lot of things I do not necessary have words for, a lot took place outside of my head, farther than the mind, precious. Talked a lot, listened a lot, enjoyed people (and some may become friends), learned a new song, stretched my awareness.
I came back in a little cloud of gratitude, it took a long time to feel I had landed back onto this soil although it feels I always carry it with me, but eh, the renewed perspectives ! A trip that was like a warm hug, and I like hugs. I had packed my tent, clothes and things in a large US postal bag loaded up onto a trolley I had bought when I was in New York in 1997, perhaps all travelling is linked somehow.
M gave me a fencing tool to bring back to my everyday, I did not mention it but he must have guessed that I treasure rusty metal and would not mind the added weight. A tool for cutting metal and stretching wire and remembering our conversations. A tool to hold and remember that when you struggle with your job in your field you are not alone, ever. I aim to send him a little parcel of hand-made things from fruit, leaf, wood or flower from here as barter.
I came back to enjoy steamed new potatoes, with butter and a basil leaf with every bite. Is that a recipe ? Perhaps it is too simple to be called a recipe, but it is indeed a marvel for July.


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