Much more light, very nice.

some grilled sprats Marinated (lemon zest and juice, olive oil, cayenne pepper from the Light & Easy HF-W’s River Cottage cookbook) grilled sprats. no more jam ? Caught! Have been working on a protective cushioning layer of fat during the colder days. “Dieu m’a donné des mains pour consoler mon cœur…(God gave me hands to soothe my heart)” Vianney vegetablesRoast cauliflower and lightly (deliciously earthy and sweet) pan fried (with ghee, olive oil or coconut oil) grated beetroot. Very busy time out around the soil, bare-root trees and bushes planted, clearing, cutting, feeding, pruning, planning, hitting the Spring running… but I don’t really want to run, I actually want to be moving slowly so to stop me in my tracks I get into the grips of a very good book like, most recently, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah. I find myself sitting down, forgotten by some of the things clamouring for my attention, I cry a little, travel far, get excited and inspired to be even more alive. The goats will soon wave good bye to their daily profusion of hay and briars in their little winter patch and be brought to forage in their succession of fields ; just waiting for a tiny more green growth to show. Kids will be born soon and I will have to reinvent some gestures I may not actually have forgotten.

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