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the excellent Kitchen counter-culture or Kitchen-counter culture blog where I usually find inspiration of another ilk, led me to Zoe Boekbinder, and I am grateful. Love this great song (and many more too) and also love the stop-action animation video, her world looks pretty good to me.

Sufjan Stevens, Carrie and Lowell, the whole album (a masterpiece, no less) in a loop on deezer (a great music streaming site), not every day, but most (got a nudge from canal ways for this one).
It is true that I listen to Richard Hell and the Voidoids in the car but I like my music more mellow too, like, at this minute, Sea Wolf, start perhaps with Black Leaf Falls below, but also try some Bavarian Porcelain with your tea next.

and you may yet jump up and down with Marseille-based collective Chinese Man feat. Tumi, “bring on the marching band…”.

And there is also Benjamin Clementine… and Hollie Cook’s new album…


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I love people telling me about music. Especially interested now in Benjamin Clementine, so gratitude, and for mentioning my blog too. Zoe B is so inspirationally creative in so many ways.

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