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There is snow on the ground as I wake up this morning, I postpone some outside jobs planned in the balmy weather of yesterday. Once children are delivered to school with a full tummy and the intent to make the most of their day, animals are fed and spoken to, there is related indoor work to be done : ordering—dreaming—stuff for the growing season and some useful trees too. I have saved seeds, leftover seeds, and am ordering some more, some from near and some from beyond the seas : the West Strictly Medicinals Seeds, or the South  Le Biau Germe and I am glad that seed-saver extraordinaire Will Bonsall crosses my path here :

And I am grateful to Nomzi Kumalo for her poem and post today : made me feel strong and inspired for my life, despite the cold cold cold wind and some current uncertainties.
Another day of being alive and grateful (and also for worrying before 9 that the radiator in the car was dead and being told around 2 that I just needed to add water, great for a Monday).

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