Awareness is a first step

Chilling statistics in this video (English spoken, French subtitles) produced by the FIDH, the International Federation for Human Rights, such as—for those who reassure themselves that dreadful things happen in the “developing world” and that All is Well and Good in the West :

in France a woman dies of domestic violence every 2.7 days

I do hope that everyone who swings by here will have 1 minute and 52 seconds to watch this. On 8 March I heard a number of people asking on the radio what International Women’s Day was for exactly and the male presenter wondered about that too. It may well be that human rights are not quite universal yet, and it has been shown that unequal societies actually benefit no one.
In the meanwhile but never too far away, I am reading Cordelia Fine’s Delusions of Gender (How our minds, society and neurosexism create difference) a truly great read, “brilliantly researched and wickedly funny”, exciting and enlightening, opening my mind and clearing some cobwebs from narrow corners in the process wishing as I do that everyone would take the time to read it. I stumbled upon Emma Cookson who in 2013 felt the same way I now do : she went on to produce a précis (a series of slides presenting the book’s main findings in a concise manner) for those who will not have/take the time to read it themselves!
delusions of gender

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